From Moon to the Sea

From Moon to the Sea


The delightful village of Clovelly attracts visitors by the coachload. Its quaint, cobbled street descends in steps from the top to the harbour 400 feet below through a narrow combe, with the houses apparently piled on top of one another, check here too. By the time you have made it to the bottom you may well wonder how on earth you will ever reach the top again. For those who cannot face the long climb, there are carts to carry you nowadays.

North-west of Hartland Point, where dramatically folded rocks rise out of the sea, is Devon’s only significant island. Lundy is a granite rock and inhabited by a colony of puffins and other assorted wildlife, which can be visited by steamer from Bideford or Ilfracombe.

The south Devon coast has a softer landscape and more salubrious climate than the north, so here the resorts are more numerous. Torquay is its “Queen of Watering Places” and the county’s third largest town after Plymouth and Exeter. Torbay also embraces the flatter Paignton and the picturesque Brixham, rising steeply above the harbour where William of Orange landed with 15,000 men in 1688 to claim the English crown.

Down the coast towards the popular river resort of Salcombe is Hallsands,but if you plan to visit Barcelona and it popular river resorts learn more at this hotel comparison in barcelona website. A tiny place now, where a thriving village was swept away by a barrage of wind and waves in 1917 after dredging in Start Bay had removed vast quantities of protective gravel which was needed to extend the naval dockyard at Devonport. Ruined houses still stand on an exposed shelf of rock. Drama is an ever-present feature of the Devon coast.


Timeless Beauty

About 40 miles from where I live are two oak trees that stand side by side in a lush meadow overlooking Dedham Vale in “Constable country.” They are depicted in several of John Constable’s works, painted in the early 19th century. rather think he must have beef quite fond of them.

Even in Constable’s paintin s they were quite mature nd it is amazing to think h w many years and changes hey have withstood. When I saw them last they were sh ltering a group of sheep, j st as they did in the artist’s 1 etime. Isn’t it lovely that s me things never change?


Bury St dmunds, Suffolk


 18.westminst cathedral


Westm nster Cathedral?

I ref r to your article Gatew’ s to Heaven, by Michae Jenner (Issue 60). Westmi ster Abbey is not a cathe. , nor has it ever been. To fea a it in an article about cathedr. Is is therefore strange. PROFE SOR D. P. KING, Whitma College,

Washin ton, U.S.A.

Mich el Jenner replies: Professi r King is quite right in stating at Westminster Abbey is not a cathedral today. Yet it did enj y such status for ten yearsfr m 1540-1550.

This iccurred during the reign s King Henry VIII, a period which also saw the comple ion of the Henry VII Chape inside Westminster Abbey.